Welcome to the Awesome Arms Challenge!

Get ready to say to hello to strong, sleek arms that you’ll want to show off all year round! This program consists of exercises that target different muscle groups with only two moves each day. Every day the exercises will target on a different muscle group to help you sculpt lean strong arms. As you progress, you will increase your repetitions , to continue to build strength as you go! The program consists of 6 different moves which are shown below for your viewing pleasure.

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Other than your awesome arms, you can win prizes from GetFitLikeThat.com or Chelsea Collective. You can enter to win in 3 steps:

  1. Sign up to GetFitLikeThat.com before April 28 (use the top bar on the home page)
  2. Stick with the challenge! Check your inbox 3 times a week for updates and motivation
  3. Post flex pics to Instagram or Twitter using  #GetAmazingArms and #GetFitLikeThat. The more you post, the more chances you have to win!

What do you need?

All you need to do this challenge are a set of dumbbells ranging from 5-20 pounds. When you choose your weights, pick a size that makes it difficult to finish out a set by the end so that you maximize your results! If you’re a beginner, simply stick to the plan as is. If you’re more advanced, add 1 to 2 more sets to each day’s exercises and of course, you can step up the weight!

Don’t forget to sign up at the top of the page to receive workouts and info straight to your inbox!

Can’t wait to see you flex those Awesome Arms!



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