Abs + Booty Workout!

Happy Workout Wednesday (or whatever day it is when you read this)!

Today we’ve got a simple workout that will lift your glutes and tighten your core. The workout has only 4 moves but each one really packs some power!


You’ll Need:

  • A mat
  • One dumbbel (5-15  lbs)
  • Clear space outside or in your house

The Moves: Try 12 reps of each move, then repeat workout 1-2 more times!

  • Squat w/ Single Arm Press
  • Single Leg Deadlift w/ Overhead Extension
  • Plank with Side Toe Tap
  • Glute Bridge w. Ab Crunch

Try out this workout for yourself and let me know how you like it!!

Want your own workouts like this one in a customized fitness plan? email me at sharita@getfitlikethat.com!

Until next time,

Keep it moving!


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