Ah-Ah-Ah-Staying Alive!

The Bee Gees’ classic, Stayin  Alive, is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about attending my CPR and First Aid course, thanks to Michael Scott from The Office.  Learning CPR and First Aid is the second step towards getting my Group Fitness Certification (the first being get the study materials), just in case anyone can’t handle my intense workouts, muhuahaha! I also feel pretty “alive” because I was able to score my CPR certification course for FREE thanks to a training offered by my JOB!! That’s $95 back in my pocket and probably at the Nike store…

My CPR course started at 10 AM on this beautiful Saturday morning in a tiny, airless room with NO windows! I kept reminding myself of why I had to stay the entire 6 hours and that the course was FREE, to stop from turning back. When I arrived, there were about 8 other ladies in attendance ready to learn. Apparently, the certification was being offered to a parents’ group within my company, so these women were there to save their babies‘ lives. As we introduced ourselves and explained why we were there, I said,  “well…I like children and hope to have some one day…and save their lives…maybe?? They could really care less, so yea… I’m a parentless-member of the parents’ club now! Go me!

Our trainer was awesome, and she was quite passionate about saving lives. We covered all the typical skills: preventing choking, giving oxygen, administering chest compressions, and using an AED (automated external defibrillator). We even practiced using epi-pens on each other, which kind of freaked me out as I’ve never seen one used. But I’m happy to report that I am now equipped to stab the next person in need–it’s my duty after all! The highlight of the course was watching the scene from the Office to  help us keep the 100-per-minute pace for chest compressions! Yes, the American Heart Association actually refers to Michael Scott as part of its training. Who knew?? (I would like to note, however, that the beat to Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean also works just fine, if you aren’t a Bee Gees fan.)

The Office – CPR Training

After only 6 hours of breathing, stabbing, and compressing, we emerged as fully CERTIFIED life savers! While I hope and pray that no one needs my life saving skills, I am fully prepared to use them!

What’s that? You’re choking?? I’m coming for ya with my heimlich!!!



If you are searching for live CPR and First Aid courses in your area try out these sites:

The American Heart Association

The Red Cross

The National Safety Council

and now, time to get back to my studies… Keep it moving people!

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