And so the journey begins…

I’m not sure who I owe my obsession with fitness to… The three front runners are Janet Jackson (have you SEEN those abs?), Jillian Michaels (because I love her take-no-sh*t attitude), and Aunt Sarah’s Pancake House (because my first job there at the age of 15 came with all the strawberry pancakes I could eat and a weight gain of 15 pounds over 2 years!). While I can’t exactly pinpoint where it began, somewhere during my teenage years, I fell in love with working out, exercise videos, and just being as active as possible and I haven’t looked back!

Fast forward to today, just about 10 years post high school (aaannnd there goes my hopes of claiming an age of 25), and I am finally taking the first real step towards turning this obsession with fitness into my own business in which I can motivate others to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle. And that brings us to my fitness blog, where I’ll share with you my journey of first becoming a fitness instructor, and eventually fitness extraordinaire!! I’ll also post my personal quest to improve my own fitness and nutrition along the way, which will not be easy, because I LOVE food, so very much. You will quickly find that I’m no where near perfect, but hopefully we can all grow together and learn a bit about fitness, health, life, and even a bit about growing a business all at the same time! Please share your stories, advice, and questions as we go!

So… Let’s get moving!!

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