No Motivation? No Problem! How to Become Your Own Motivation

Hi Friends!

Welcome to 2016! I have such a great feeling about this year, and I hope you too are already feeling the good vibes for the year to come! I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, and the new year seems like the perfect opportunity to share my recent epiphany with you. It’s all about motivation, and how I’ve come to rethink its source and role in my life.

I am constantly on the look out for motivation. I need to be motivated to do my work, clean my apartment, write on the blog, exercise, pick up the phone . . . the list goes on and on. Basically, I’m looking for some outside force to convince me to live my life.  This pattern typically leads me put off important tasks until I feel motivated, while wasting valuable time in the process.

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While on the search for my motivation, I started listening to podcasts geared towards improving your overall life, and making moves towards entrepreneurship. One podcast that I’ve come to love is Get Busy Living, hosted by Benny Hsu. Over a number of his episodes, during which he provides anecdotes from his experiences and mistakes, one theme became clear: You cannot wait for that magical “motivation” to strike in order to better yourself. Sure, something might jar you get started, but you are not going to feel motivated every single day. You might not be motivated for months even. But still, life goes on, whether you’re motivated or not.

Once Benny’s advice finally hit me, I had a serious moment of clarity. Last fall, I was feeling lazy and down, but I had dreams that I long wanted to pursue. So after weeks of procrastinating, I finally picked my lazy, sad-feeling self up and made a short list of “big goals” and started working on them one by one. It’s worked out well so far, and I finally have a venue to launch my first fitness class on my own! I will say that I did not hit several of my other goals (lose 10 pounds, and complete nutrition certification), because procrastination still took over here and there. But I’m getting better every day!

For me, these small steps helped me to stay on track, even when the motivation was lacking:

  • tv with signCut off the T.V. I actually taped a piece of paper to the screen that says “WATCH THOSE GOALS!” to remind me why the T.V. was off when I was feeling weak. I allowed myself T.V. on the weekends, but soon I found I was too focused on working to pay attention!
  • Write a to do list at night (thanks again to Benny’s tips) I keep a little notebook with my list next to my bed so when my alarm goes off, I have a number of reasons not to hit the snooze button.

Current success rateTo-do List – 50; Warm, Comfy Bed – 10. Not too shabby!

After a few months of discipline, completing small tasks and getting closer to accomplishing my goals started to become my motivation. With each small success, I felt empowered to keep going. I was slowly starting to motivate myself through my own actions, go figure! You’ll see for yourself, crossing goals off your list is one of the best motivators out there.

For you, if you’re waiting on motivation to get started on your journey towards a healthier life (or anything else), I want to urge you to get started now, whether you’re motivated or not. Sure, it’s freezing outside, but shivering at home and eating comfort food won’t change that. You may not feel like 100%- or even 2%. But your goals are just sitting there, waiting for you to take that first step. So take it from someone who is an expert at procrastination and missed opportunities. Don’t let motivation become your crutch. Take that first step and become your own motivation! 

Of course, if you need a little boost or some ideas and tips to help you along the way, I’m here! But take the first step, and everything will start to fall into place!

How do you push past those moments when you lack motivation? Share your tips below!

Until next time,

Keep it moving (whether you’re motivated or NOT)!

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