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Best Summer Ever – How to Stay Tight & Eat Right

Hey Friends!

So today at last is the official first day of summer, although it’s been a good 90 plus degrees for the past week! With summer finally here, the long days, pool parties, and smaller amounts of clothing remind me to step things up with my nutrition and fitness so I can feel my best all summer long. If the new season has inspired you to make some changes for your health, keep reading for some of my go-to steps to slim down and feel my best!

welcome to the summer with GetFitLikeThat

Plan Those Meals!

The quickest way to see results and feel 10 times better is to plan out meals ahead of time and stick to that plan. I’m not much of a calorie counter, but if you are, you can set a target number of calories for each day and plan your meals accordingly. Otherwise, aim to have 3 meals with ample veggies and protein. Carbs and fruit are totally OK, but it’s best to eat these earlier in the day so you have plenty of time to burn that energy off. Then, either prepare all your meals ahead of time, or at least write out what you plan to eat, if you have to eat out most of the time. I like to do a mix of cooking, and buying pre-made salads and snacks to save time in my meal prep.

Here’s my menu for this week, which took me about 30 minutes to put together:

  • Breakfast: Greek yogurt, black berries, chia seeds and honey
  • Lunch: 1/2 whole wheat pita, Trader Joes pre-cooked grilled lemon chicken, hummus, and fresh spinach
  • Snack: Apricots and quest bars
  • Dinner: Turkey burger patties and spinach, or pre-made spinach and edamame salad

my meal prep menu this week

Sweat it OUT!

Nutrition is the hardest part for me, but the working out is the fun stuff. However, in the summer, there are A LOT more invitations for happy hours, beach getaways, and social functions that stand between me and my sweat sessions. So as of today, I’m working my morning runs back into the mix. They help me in a lot of ways, because I’m up with the sun, I feel accomplished and energized before I even step foot in the office, and I don’t feel bad if I don’t get another workout in that evening, b/c I’ve already done something good for my body. 2-3 times a week, I’ll add some strength moves to the end of my runs and an extra day for abs (because, crop tops)!

A lot of what I do is included in my 28-Day Emergency Fitness Plan, which helps to take the guess work out of working out. (You can start it too!)


Enjoy the Season!

Not everything is about being perfectly healthy and rocking a 6 pack all summer long. My goal is just to make the best decisions I can, when I can, and NOT to feel guilty for enjoying my happy hours or poolside drinks. The whole point of life is balance. Eat well most of the time and sweat a lot, and a few drinks won’t ruin your body or your summer vibes or that body!

Check out more of my summer tips in my article at!

What’s your favorite way to feel great during the summer? ┬áLeave a comment below!


Until next time,

Keep it moving!

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