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Better Than The Scale: Body Goals That Have Nothing to do with Weight

Hey Fit Crew!

As you know I’ve been going a little bit harder to shed some extra fat for the summer using The Emergency Fitness Plan, and trying to eat clean (80% of the time at least). 12 days into my 28 day plan, I really hoped to watch the scale go way down from my starting 138 pounds. For a hot second I did see 136, but now I’m going back up a bit. Of course I know that weight fluctuates and I only check my weight once a week, but UGH i was hoping for better!

So, I’m checking my expectations now, and looking at those positive changes in my body that the scale just can’t capture. I hope these reminders help you to keep moving forward on your health and fitness journey, because if you’re seeing these changes, then you’re doing something right!

1. Feeling Strong AF. Even after just a week of workouts, I have definitely noticed that my strength is getting better! I’m holding planks longer, lifting for more reps, and having less shakes in my legs and glutes during certain moves. On the outside, I am noticing more definition in my arms and even my stomach! I’m slowly starting to see my abs show up (in the morning at least), and it’s motivating me to rework my diet to let them shine! I’ll keep working on getting some muscle to show in my legs, but that always take a lot longer for me.

Basically, don’t discount how strong you’ve gotten, even in a short time. That’s the kind of thing that really matters to help you age gracefully and avoid injuries down the road!

2. Having Energy for Days. Consistent workouts through the week have definitely changed my sleeping and energy game. There are even mornings when I forget to drink coffee because I don’t feel completely depleted in the morning! I think it’s kind of like when you take a toddler out to play all day and they pass out for the night. When I’m exercising regularly, I’m just like a toddler who’s been to the playground all week, and I pretty much sleep like a rock because of it!

Where’s your energy level right now? If you aren’t working out consistently or eating your best, it might be on the lower end. But once you find that sweet spot of 4-5 days of exercise, and mostly clean eating, you’ll be unstoppable! More energy will also lead to bigger rewards because you won’t be reaching for sweets for a sugar rush, or too much caffeine which can throw off you body later in the day.

3. Feeling more confident. Even though the scale isn’t where I’d like it to be, I feel hella confident. There’s really no better boost in confidence for me that setting my personal records in random fitness classes like rowing for instance! My 2 minute sprints at RowVigor have been getting faster, and you can’t tell me nothing  after I’ve successfully pushed past a breaking point! That feeling can stay with me at the office, that first date, pretty much everything. I’m feeling good, and it shows!

Are you standing a little taller? Got an extra pep in your step? That feeling did not come from stepping on the scale, it came from you kicking ass and taking names!

4. Melting off Inches. I know how that whole science thing tells us that muscle takes up less room than fat, so you can actually look leaner when you build muscle than if you do nothing at all. I get it, but it still never ceases to amaze me. My clothes are fitting better every day and there’s some dresses are just too big for me to wear. Yet, that scale tells me, nope, you’re only getting heavier.

This is why it’s so important to snap photos of your progress or pay extra attention to how things fit on your body. You might actually be leaning out but putting on wait all because of that beautiful muscle you’ve started to build. F that scale, and lift something heavy!

What Change are You Looking Forward to?

Let me know in the comments what changes in your body (inside or out) that you look forward to, other than that pesky, sometimes infuriating number on the scale!


Until next time,

Keep it moving!




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  1. Roz DuPass
    July 25, 2017

    Love the information you provide on this site! !

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