5 Reasons To Bring Back the Lunch Box!

When you think about a lunch box, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is healthy living.  Instead, the thought of a lunch box takes you back to the days of cafeteria lunches where your lunch box was the source of intense negotiations and trade agreements:

“I’ll give you half my Pringles for one ho-ho.”lunch box with food

“With or without the cream inside?”

After this read, however, you’ll see that the lunch box is no longer a thing of the past. In fact, the lunch box can be your ticket to the future, healthier you! Here are 5 reasons why you should bring back the lunch box to help fight the temptation (and the bulge) throughout your day.

1. Meal Prep Maker: What good is a meal prep if it doesn’t cover all your meals and snacks throughout the day?? If you pack just right, your lunch box can take care of your breakfast, lunch, and snacks, making you proud to show off all that time you spent slaving in the kitchen Sunday night. You can pack whatever you need to stay on track with your nutrition plan and keep the hunger at bay just when the happy hour invites start to pop up in your inbox!

TIP: Pack a high- protein snack on your way to happy hour to avoid the desire to munch on chips, dips and other empty calories.

2. Calorie Killer: One of the most obvious–but also most important– benefits of packing a lunch box is that you will reduce excess calories throughout the day. Typically, the food you make in your kitchen will have a lot fewer calories than the food from your favorite food truck or restaurant. Packing a few snacks will keep you from running to the nearby candy dish or [insert co-worker name/ AKA “THE ENEMY”]’s Monday brownies that she thought the office would enjoy. Eating your own cooking will also help you cut down your sodium in a big way, since most restaurants (even the healthier ones) pack on the salt to boost the flavor.

3. Money Saver: According to Forbes, we spend at least $1,000 a year on eating out for lunch. That amount doesn’t even account for the 2 o’clock coffee run, or vending machine splurge, which could likely add at least another $100 to the annual tab. But thanks to your secret weapon, if you pack ahead, you can save cash while you save your waist line from certain destruction.

TIP: If you need caffeine during the day and your office doesn’t supply coffee, pack green tea bags or instant coffee and just add hot water!

4. Pre-Gym Booster: Whether your favorite gym time is before work or after, that lunch box can save the day with a post workout snack in the morning or your favorite treat that gives you a boost before you hit the gym. You certainly want to keep your nutrition on point to reap the most out of your workouts, but don’t forget that you can make a mean protein shake for yourself and pack it up with the rest of your meals for the day.

5. Designer Bag Flasher: If you haven’t taken a trip down the Target (or other favorite store) lunch box aisle  lately, then what are you waiting for?? GO!  Theartifact lunch box lunch box has gotten a serious makeover, especially if you’re a person with a love for designer bags. The latest trend seems to be lunch tote bags that look cute on the outside but still keep your precious healthy snacks cool.

fluf lunch bag

See? The lunch box is the stylish new weapon missing from your artillery to fight temptation and stick to your healthy mission! Check out sites like Target, Walmart or your favorite quirky designers for your own grown up lunch box. Or keep it old school with the hard plastic variety with your favorite super hero for extra motivation!

Do you carry a lunch box? What’s inside yours? Leave a comment below!

As always, keep it moving!

~ Sharita J

© August 2015

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