Fit Review: Nothin but Sweat at SweatBox DC!!

Last week I had my first sweat session at SweatBox DC. This new fitness method is more than just a great name, it’s also a crazy challenging workout, focused on improving total body strength and the most important muscle of all, the heart. To sum up my whole experience, it was like a great night at the club meets one of the toughest workouts my body has ever felt.


Before class, our “SweatBoss” (or instructor), Adriana, introduced us to the  Sweat Box method. Basically, each person gets their own station complete with weights (12-20 lb dumbbells), an XT Trainer and IC7 bike that is straight out of the future. Adriana quickly walked us through our equipment and helped us program our bikes with our age, weight, level of activity, and some other info to get our own FTW number to measure our performance during the workout. This number set a personal heart rate goal in various levels of work during our bike runs. The bike would flash a different color for each level/zone: White for the lowest, Red for the highest level.

I added 50 to my FTW thanks to my SweatBoss!
I added 50 to my FTW thanks to my SweatBoss!

Once the workout got started, the lights in the room dimmed and we were led though an intense warm up to get the sweat flowing. Adriana then led us through a series of moves from jump squats, to XT rows, to push ups, to planks. Not one muscle was overlooked and the moves were simple enough to pick up quickly and run. After 3-5 minutes of strength, we got on our bikes from the future and pedaled through our different color zones. Adriana would yell, “Get to the green!”, and we’d kick it up a notch until our bikes flashed green on our monitors. The whole room would turn green to keep us on track. This active recovery is a big part of the SweatBox science and it was surprisingly challenging to remain in one zone for an extended period of time.

The class moved seamlessly from floor to bike for the full 50 minutes of class. Through all the sweat and hard work, our SweatBoss never missed a beat. She cheered us on, sang with the music, and corrected our form to make sure we got the most out of the workout. The absolute best part of the workout, however, were the ice cold towels handed out during our cool down. I was officially won over the second I grabbed one!

I would highly recommend this workout to anyone, and since the first class if free, there’s nothing to lose, except a whole lot of sweat! Sign up at!


getfitlikethat sweat box adriana and sharita
Me and my Sweat Boss Adriana!!

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