Don’t you DARE Quit: How to push through common breaking points


You’ve probably been in this situation once or twice:  It’s Monday morning, and you get all excited about finally beginning your new diet or new work out plan. You’re gonna lose those last 10 or however many pounds and finally fit into that dress/suit/bikini/speedo that you used to!  For real this time!

The first few days, you’re on a roll.  No one can stop you or even distract you from your goals. You even stay strong and ignore a few unhealthy temptations: birthday cake at your friend’s party, free pizza at the company/school gathering, drinks at that swanky night club. You turn down a movie to go to the gym instead (like WOW!)  One week in, and you’re still feeling good.  That is, until you realize it’s been what feels like YEARS since you’ve indulged in something fatty. Or you ask yourself, “what’s one day off of my workout schedule going to hurt?”  While a few missteps are not the end of the world, we do often hit the same breaking points that steer us away from our goals. As I’ve been in this situation a few times, here are some ways to ensure those breaking points do not mark the end of your journey towards a healthier you:

Breaking Point #1: You aren’t seeing the numbers on the scale go down

This is a HUGE breaking point. We all want our changes to happen instantaneously!  I just did 100 crunches, where are my abs!?!?

My best advice to those finding themselves on this struggle bus is to FOCUS ON OTHER POSITIVE CHANGES! Your hard work is not all in vain. Think about it. Have you been sleeping better at night and not crashing midday? Are you looking better in your clothes? Is your endurance getting better with every trip to the gym? Are you in a better mood lately?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then IT’S WORKING! DO NOT GIVE UP!

The results you were looking for are not far behind.  Also, don’t harp on numbers on the scale too much, as you might be building muscle and still slimming down! Keep it up!

Breaking Point #2: Your inner fat kid is throwing a major temper tantrum

I’m not sure how common this is. It could just be me. But I have had a fat kid living inside of me since high school. I may be small, but put a box of Thin Mint cookies in front of me and watch me inhale them. Heck, cover just about anything in chocolate and I’m all over it!  However, my grown up self  knows that this is not the life I should lead. I must suppress my inner fat kid as often as possible.

If you find that you are really craving something terrible that will certainly derail your goals, I have two options for you:

OPTION 1 Find a healthy alternative. Let’s say you have a hankering for chocolate cake.  Try to find something just as rich with that chocolate flavor you desire. My go to for a chocolate treat are Herbalife Chocolate Peanut Protein Bars (contact me to get you some!). O-M-G. Pop that thing in the microwave for a few seconds and it tastes like it’s straight out of the oven. Go crazy and put a dollop of lite whipped cream on there!! You’ll be in heaven and your inner fat kid just might be tamed.  If it’s not your sweet tooth, rather you truly miss your former cheese-smothered life, keep some string cheese handy. You could top some veggies with pieces of string cheese, or just eat it straight.

OPTION 2  Only if an alternative treat just won’t cut it…Eat the very thing you are craving.  For example,you may have been aching for a cheeseburger. I don’t mean one or two thoughts, rather a cheeseburger has haunted your dreams all night, and is even creeping into your day dreams! This may be unconventional advice, but I say, Go For It!  Go get that burger and eat your heart out. If you can, go easy on the cheese and pile on the veggies to at least beef up (pun intended) the nutrients even more. Maybe, just maybe, take that bread off and eat a naked burger.

The key here is to  make sure that your very next meal is right back on track!  I read this quote somewhere and I’ll pass it on to you: One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you healthy. Eat it, and carry on my friend, BUT DO NOT QUIT!

Breaking Point #3: You just don’t the have time 

I know that this breaking point is a very common one, especially as our responsibilities continue to pile up before our very eyes. Some weeks it may seem as if you can’t spare one single second towards making healthy meals and staying active. I think we all know what to do here, but sometimes you need a stranger to tell you. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE TIME!

Once you see your schedule going out of whack, make some small adjustments.  Try to wake up just 30 min before your regular  time and sweat it out. Devote a solid hour on the weekends towards meal prep so you don’t have to waste time thinking about your meals for the week. Keep in mind that you should be your #1 priority! Most people get stressed about all the things they have to do for others.  But ask yourself, what good are you going to be for your family or job if  you’re short on energy, grumpy, and just not feeling like your best self? No good at all. Give yourself your best effort so you can be the greatest version of yourself for everyone else. Even if you fall off for a week because of your crazy schedule, DO NOT GIVE UP! Make the next week count!

What other breaking points do you typically encounter, and how do you push pass them?

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