Fit Review: WSC Total Body Conditioning Class!

On my quest try out every group fitness class imaginable, I checked out a new-to-me group fitness class at my local Washington Sports Club called Total Body Conditioning. Although WSC gave me a lot of class options to choose from, this one stood out to me because I’m always down for a total body workout, and this class did not disappoint!


IMG_6108While I’m not a complete Washington Sports Clubs® newbie, it has been a while since my last visits to the Silver Spring and Columbia Heights locations. I’ve gone as the guest of a friend, and I’ve used a 30 day pass when I first moved to D.C. to get a jump start on my fitness. This visit was a great opportunity to check out the Gallery Place/Chinatown location for the first time. I will likely return because it’s just a mile or so from my home.

After spending about 20 minutes trying to park during lunchtime (I’d highly recommend taking the metro instead) I still arrive pretty early for the 12:15 class so I had a chance to give myself an unguided tour of the gym. The first thing I noticed about the space were the ample cardio machines, taking up well over half of the underground space. I also fell in love with the personal training area complete with green turf and fun equipment like TRX bans, balance boards, and foot drill stations. And almost as important as any equipment, I noticed that the locker room and shower area were spacious and VERY clean with lots of mirror space and counter tops to freshen up before heading back to work. Oh and fluffly towels were waiting by the entrance to soak up all the hard work that was about go down in that gym.
So on to the workout… it was exhausting but so much fun! The set up was a simple pyramid workout. Our instructor, Val, drew four pyramids on the mirror in front of class, one for upper body, lower body, core and cardio. Each pyramid had four exercises and we moved through the moves first for one minute, then 45 seconds, 30 seconds, and 20 seconds. After several days prior of upper body workouts and lots and lots of planks, I have to admit that I tapped out a few times during the upper body pyramid (thank goodness I needed to grab some pictures!). I also learned a new plank move, called “marching planks” which consisted of a forearm to hand plank, then a leg lift on each side to complete one rep!  While the move was simple, I started to feel the burn after about 15 second, and still had 45 more seconds to go! Luckily, Val was motivating and came around to keep our form in check. She also had Mariah Carey on the playlist, so I distracted myself from the pain by singing along!




The best feature of the workout was that the moves were simple to understand and perform. We did a mix of resistance exercises using dumbbells and body weight, and plenty of plyometrics (jumping) during the cardio segment, so the class definitely lived up to its “Total Body” name. I would definitely take this class again, and the 45 minute class was the perfect amount of time for a midday sweat.


So now I have one WSC class down, and like 50 more to try! If you want to check out a class, can get a free class pass using the link below. They offer a number of membership options and personal training packages, of course! Maybe I’ll see you there!

Check out these links to set up your visit!


Have you tried out any classes at WSC or its sister gyms in New York, Philly, or Boston? What’s your favorite?

Until next time,

Keep it moving!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Town Sports International. The opinions and text are all mine.

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