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Flying While Fit: How to Stay In Shape While Traveling

The life of a jet setter can be amazing, but finding ways to stay on track with workouts and healthy eating can take start to take a coach-class seat (get it?). But even for the most frequent flyers, there are some ways to keep up with your fitness and nutrition goals. I’ve put together some of my secrets to traveling while fit that you can try for yourself before your next departure!

BYOB (of water): This hack is the easiest one to achieve and it’s

sure to save you money and keep your body running smoothly for your entire trip. Before you head to the airport, be sure to pack an empty refillable water bottle. Airports around the world have installed nifty water bottle refiling stations just for this purpose. If you cant find the fancy station, a regular water fountain will do. You can even go to most fast food chains at the airport and ask to use their drink dispenser for ice and water.

Guzzling on water before, during and after your flight is essential to keep your body running in tip top shape. You’ll boost your immune system, you’ll be more “regular” and you can help to counter the dry air on the plane by being well hydrated on the inside.

Workout Before Takeoff: Okay, this hack won’t always be as easy to do in some airports. But, slowly but surely, airports are providing fitness equipment and in some cases, all out gyms to help you get your sweat during your travel days. Here’s some airports that help you get your sweat on:

  • BWI: The international airport in Baltimore, Maryland just opened up a brand new, straight-from-the  future gym called Roam Fitness. This fully stocked facility has everything you need to get your sweat on: treadmills, bikes,  rowing  machines (and you know I love to row!), free weights and even SHOWERS (just sign up for your shower in advance)! Even if you don’t have your gym clothes on hand, Roam Fitness even offers gym wear rentals from Lululemon so that you don’t have to dig out your gym clothes from your luggage. If you choose to rock your own gear, they provide vacuum sealed bags so that you don’t stink up the plane! There are membership options availale for frequent flyers who want to hold their spot for every trip.


Roam Fitness is a new gym facility in BWI airport


  • Chicago O’Hare: If you are one of the millions of passengers flying through Chicago, you can stop through their airport fitness center, which was formerly an airport arcade. You can get your cardio in on the treadmill or in theirOlympic-sized pool!
  • DFW and SFO: if you have a crazy long day of travel ahead, you can stop through the Dallas/Fort Worth or San Francisco airports’ free yoga studio to find your ooohmmm. These peaceful spots are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and might be perfect to regroup before or after a long day of travel (or during the dreaded long delay).

Hunt Down Your Food: Once you get your travel itinerary together, you might want to take a look at your airport’s food options and pick the healthiest options before you step foot in the airport. When making smart airport food choices, look for foods that are prepared there on the spot. These are probably a bit pricier than fast food restaurants, but you’ll save on calories and preservatives.

Good news if you workout with Roam Fitness, they take care of the healthy snacks for you  with an awesome selection of post-gym snacks you can take with you on your flight!

Your best food option? Bring your own! I usually pack a lunch box with healthy snacks like jerky and some dry oatmeal for a make shift breakfast for an early flight.


What are your tricks to staying healthy in the air? Leave a comment and don’t forget to share!

*Please note that this post was sponsored by Roam Fitness for an honest review of their health and fitness services.


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