Get Moving with this Full Body Circuit!!

Hey friends!

In most of my classes, and in my own workouts, I have become obsessed with circuit training! First, creating a circuit it easy, and it only takes a few moves and a few rounds to feel the impact! I’ve used today’s circuit in some of my classes and all that’s needed are some medium – heavy dumbbells and a space big enough to move around! Try each move for 25 reps and complete this circuit 3 times for a quick, but seriously effective workout!


Exercise Descriptions

  • Weighted Burpees: Grab a light or medium dumbbell in each hand. Stand tall and squat down to ground, touching weights to floor. Jump both feet back into a plank position. Perform a push up. Jump feet back towards hands. Stand up, while lifting weights towards the sky. Repeat for 25 reps.
  • Squats + Shoulder Press: Grab a light or medium dumbbell in each hand. Perform a deep squat  and bend arms at elbow. Slowly stand up from squat. At the top, press both weights up to the sky. Repeat for 25 reps.
  • Lunge Walks: Take a large step forward with right leg. Bend both legs until both ate forming 90 degree angles. Be careful not to let the front knee go too far past your front foot. Bring feet together. Take a large step forward with left leg and perform lunge. Repeat for 25 steps.
  • Sit ups: Lie on your back with feet flat on the floor, hands supporting your head. Sit upper body up, bringing the chest close to the knees. Repeat for 25 reps.


Once you try out this workout, let me know how you like it and don’t forget to SHARE!


Have a healthy week, and as always,

Keep it moving!





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