How To Warm Up Before Your Next Workout!

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I am obviously a huge fan of finding the newest exercises and workouts and I love to share them with you! This week, I wanted to switch things up a bit and cover one of the more important parts of any workout, THE WARM UP! A lot of people jump right into exercise and the more sedentary you are and the tougher the workout gets, the more prone you are to injury if you don’t properly warm up!

Scroll to the bottom for a Warm Up Routine Video!!

5 Reasons to Warm Up Before a Workout:

  1. A good warm up literally warms you from the inside out-as in your body temperature should rise, which is better for your muscles. The warmer you get all over, the more elastic and nimble your muscles will be, making you all the more ready for any workout!
  2. 2. Avoid serious stretching before a workout! This is a highly debated topic, but “THEY” have found a scientific answer: HOLDING STRETCHES IS BAD BEFORE A WORKOUT! When you stretch, you trigger muscle relaxation, making muscles a bit weaker than they would be without stretching. If your muscles are tight, you can use a foam roller or you can try dynamic stretches. These are stretches that keep you moving, but still help to ease tight muscles before diving into exercise.
  3. Your warm up should get your heart pumping. While you’re raising your body temperature, you should also be raising your heart rate, to increase blood flow and help get the necessary oxygen and nutrients to those soon-to-be-working muscles! So if you don’t feel your heart speeding up slightly, step up your warm routine!
  4. The more intense the workout, the more intense the warm up should be. If you’re going to be jumping around, prepare your muscles with jumping jacks, or squat jumps. If you’re sprinting, warm up with a light jog to prepare yourself for the pressure you’re about to put on those legs!
  5. Warm up before all types of exercise. Even if you’re just going for a speed walk, or doing a simple strength routine, you should still do a short warm up routine to wake your body up and get the heart ready to power that workout!

So are you ready get warmed up?? Follow along with some of my favorite warm up exercises below! Let me know in the comments any other moves you like to try before your sweat sessions!


Until next time,

Keep it moving!


P.S. Shout out to DB for the amazing rooftop views!







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