Join Me and The North Face at Mountain Athletics DC!

Hi Friends!

I can finally share some big news with you all: I have recently joined The North Face Mountain Athletics Team in Washington, D.C.! The North Face store hosts FREE outdoor workouts twice a week in DuPont Circle and Stanton Park. The workouts are geared towards preparing people for their next outdoor adventure, be it hiking, snowboarding, a race, or just becoming more fit. These workouts are also in partnership with the November Project, which is a national organization that promotes free fitness in cities around the country.

I’m so excited for the chance to get creative with the other Mountain Athletics trainers to challenge each class with basically no equipment besides the great outdoors! When you join me and Karo on Thursdays in DuPont Circle, you can expect to plank like crazy, get in some sprints, and use your fellow classmates as workout props! I’m looking forward to learning some new tricks and getting inspired by the hardcore athletes who I’ve met so far at Mountain Athletics! Classes will be held no matter what the weather (seriously, my first night was spent doing burpees in the snow), so you can always count on us for a fun workout every single week.

For more info, visit the Mountain Athletics Facebook Page and I’ll see you soon!


Mountain Athletics DC workout Mountain Athletics group photo










Until next time, keep it moving!

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