Join the 10,000 Crunch Challenge!!!

*Join now before you even read this post! 10,000 Crunch Challenge Event Page*

After complaining about my lack of defined abs after a workout with some friends recently,  one friend mentioned a 10,000 crunch challenge he tried out a few months ago. My initial reaction was something like :

shock face

After the initial shock and horror settled, my friend explained that all it was was 100 crunches for 100 days. With NO BREAKS! It sounded simple enough, but how would I stay on track? Who would hold me accountable? How would I document my journey? Then a lightbulb went off: I would create a massive Facebook event page inviting all my friends to join the pain–I mean challenge! We would post our before pictures, give words of encouragement, and most importantly, get sexy as heck over those 100 days.

So here it is, THE 10,000 Crunch Challenge (in my best announcer voice):Crunch Challenge

Starting July 1st, join me and many others in this great challenge, and tack the crunches onto your existing workout regimen. There are NO DAYS OFF and NO GIVING UP!!  See you at the finish line!

10,000 Crunch Challenge Event Page

Oh and here’s my before picture!crunch before 6_23

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