Mind the Muscle!

Hey Fit Friends!

Every once in a while, I take a moment to practice what I preach. In the classes I teach, I often remind students to “focus their minds on the muscle at work.” It kind of sounds like some zen moment, but it’s meant to remind people to keep their minds engaged and put attention on the body parts where they want to see change. Admittedly, I tend to forget this piece of advice during my own workouts. Paying attention to the muscles at work means you notice the pain, which is the part I want to ignore!

Hurts so good . . .

Luckily this week, while taking a Solidcore class, one of the instructors reminded us to put all our attention on our super shaky painful muscles during the most difficult part of class. Normally, during the hardest parts of class, I try to zone out to take my mind off of the pain, and basically phone it in until it’s over. But this time, as I turned my attention to my wobbly glutes, I could feel the muscle working even more. On top of that, I improved my form ever-so-slightly, and I found that last bit of strength to complete the sequence! Giving that bit of extra focus to my workout made me feel more powerful and in control than if I zoned out. I can’t say my glutes are perfect just yet, but I do feel that good soreness in all the right places now!

Here’s some ways to #MindYourMuscle during your next workout:

  • Visualize your muscles putting in work
  • Move slowly through the exercise
  • Actively flex the muscles that are involved to get even more toning action

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]#MindYourMuscle: Actively flex the muscle at work[/tweetthis]

So I’m sharing this tip with you in hopes that it helps you to better power through your workout and see the results where you expect them. Focus on the muscle at work to get the most out of your workout.  It’s gonna hurt either way, so make it worth the pain!


Until next time, keep it moving!

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