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City Sports DC Boot Camp
City Sports DC Boot Camp

A few weeks ago I heard about a FREE boot camp class offered by a local City Sports store on Monday evenings. There are quite a few free boot camps around the city and it’s been  my goal to give them all a try. Of course, the ploy here is to get you in the store, pumped up, and ready to purchase their merchandise (which absolutely worked on me…I’m so very weak).

The class was fairly intense. We started with a quick jog to a grassy area in the middle of the city. After a warm-up we were tortured–I mean challenged–with weighted ropes, 15-pound exercise balls, burpees, push-ups, and some ab routines. The cherry on top was the most  heated battle of tug-of-war of my life (Not to gloat, but my three-person team had the best record of the night: 2-1).  My 13 other classmates were also a blast to work out with and I’m proud to say we rocked our workout today! We might owe some of our extra spunk to the  small audience that formed soon after we got into the first few moves of the night. You always do your best with an audience!!

Besides the great workout, I also chatted it up with the guest trainer, Evan, while I carried the huge weighted rope back to the store (my body might regret this tomorrow). I found out that Evan works for a fitness company that travels to its clients to provide one-on-one and group training. My ears instantly perked up because this is a business model I have wanted to work with when I first decided to get into group fitness!

As I tried to contain my excitement, I mentioned that I was studying for my group fitness certification and that I was very interested in working with a company like his. And then Evan said something that was music to my ears: His company has some openings and not only can I interview with them NOW before I even take my exam, but they’ll also start to mentor me and let me shadow some of the instructors!! WHAT?!?!? This is a prime example of being in the right place at the right time!! I can’t explain how excited I am!

The second I get off this bus I will be diving back into my books and sending off my resume!!

I am on my way!

*Keep it moving

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