Quick Fix: Staying on Track on your Trip

So you’ve got a big  trip coming up:

Packed? Check.

New clothes? Check.

Kindle ready?  Check.

Workouts planned?? Umm…

If this is you, trust me, I’ve been there. We work so hard to look amazing on that special trip, but staying on track while we’re away can be a challenge. But look no further, I have some easy fixes to make sure  you don’t fall too far off from your fitness goals!

1. Pack a gym: You can easily pack a resistance band and break that sucker out during a long layover, or first thing in the morning (or afternoon) when you wake up at the hotel. If you want to keep up your endurance while you’re gone, you can also pack a jump rope. These items won’t weigh you down, and they’ll help you keep the weight off from that one or three margaritas by the pool (NO JUDGEMENT HERE!)

*DON’T FORGET TENNIS SHOES! But if you do forget, you can do body weight exercises pretty much anywhere and without shoes.

2. Call ahead: Fitness class and running groups on vacation? Yes, it is all possible!  Hotel chains like Sheraton and Westin offer fitness gear to share for your hotel room workout. Other chains like Four Seasons offer personal training and fitness classes. You can even book your very own fit room complete with exercise equipment and mats at some Westin and Wyndam locations. If you need to get your outdoor run in, some Westin hotels offer a running concierge to lead group runs. A simple call ahead can open up lots of possibilities! (Find out more at USA News – Fitness Friendly Hotels)

3. Pack Snacks: On the healthy eating tip, the most difficult time to stay healthy is when looking for food at the airport. First, that food is EXPENSIVE!  Second, most food is prepared for convenience, which typically means higher in calories, sodium and everything else you don’t want in your body. Try packing a lunch box with protein bars, nuts, and jerky to keep your protein intake up and keep you full. All that sitting around waiting can lead to some dangerous snacking, so preparation is key!  Note: TSA allows food in carry-ons, you just have to ditch that protein shake or other drink before security.

4. Stay Hydrated! Most people want to avoid airplane restrooms like the plague, but that usually means that you are purposefully not getting enough liquids for your trip. Drinking plenty of water can keep you looking and feeling fresh from departure to arrival. So just suck it up and use that restroom, the benefits definitely outweigh the little annoying/shaky trip you might have to make during your flight. Bonus: Bring an empty water bottle with you. Most airports have filtered water fountains for all your hydration pleasure!

5. Hit the local gym! If you aren’t lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a gym, and you are itching to stick to your workout schedule, most larger gyms have locations all over. If your gym isn’t local, you can always get a guest pass to a nearby gym, and if you ask nicely (or say you’re considering a membership) you can workout there for free for one day up to a week at many gyms. Just ask!
What are your travel tricks to stick to your health and fitness goals? Leave a comment below!
Until next time, Keep it moving!
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