Remix Your Fitness Routine!

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With the recent change in seasons, you might be itching to change up your fitness routine. Personally, I look forward to lots of variety in my workouts so that I don’t get too complacent or bored. If this is you, keep reading to learn how to switch things up in your fitness routine!

Why should I mix up my fitness routine?

It’s not news that regular exercise will make you feel energized, stronger, and better equipped to handle daily life! Sweating it out routinely also fights off disease, keeps you sharp, and helps you age like a boss! The only drawback is that doing the same thing every week and every month can get boring. In fact, your muscles can get comfortable with the same movements, sometimes slowing down weight loss and fitness gains.

getfitlikethat-dodgeball-remix-your-routineHow can I mix up my routine?

I’m so glad you asked! There are a number of ways to keep things fresh in the gym, on the pavement, or in your living room (or all of the above of course).

Keep it Classy

I am a big fan of fitness classes, whether I’m the student or the teacher! If you usually stray away from class, give one a try and you’ll probably find that you might work harder than you would if you train alone. Give something new a shot, like yoga, dance, or a weightlifting class! If you already attend classes, then try something completely new. For me, I’m planning to try out a gymnastics class to live out my childhood dream for a couple of hours. I have never done as much as a back handspring, so this will literally turn my normal routine on its head! Check out the class offerings at your gym, or try out a service like Class Pass.

Try out New Equipment

Swap in a new piece of equipment to give your muscles a whole new workout![/tweetthis] I recently added resistance bands to my home workouts, and they’ve definitely added something to my lower body workouts!

Join a Social Sports League

For a new workout and some new faces, you could find a social sports league near you. United Social Sports has leagues all over the nation and there could be many more leagues near you. Did you play basketball in high school? Or do you miss dodgeball from recess? There’s probably a league for that! If you can’t find your league you can always start one with a few pick up games with your friends.

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Take Your Talents Off Land

getfitlikethat-blog-indoor-pool-remix-your-routineWorking out on dry land is cool and all, but you can get a killer workout in the water![/tweetthis] Your local recreation centers likely have pools as well as some of the gyms in your neighborhood. You can take swimming lessons to rebuild your skills, or try out water cycling, aerobics, and other unique classes that all take place underwater. Sweating it out in the water is great on your joints and perfect if you’re recovering from certain injuries. You’ll be surprised to see how many calories you burn and how quickly you can tone up from regular visits to the pool.

However you decide to mix up your fitness routine, just be sure to have fun in the process. Getting uncomfortable and not taking yourself too seriously is a great recipe for a healthy mind and body!

Until next time, keep it moving!





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