Spot-Lite: My First *Barre* Exam!

Pure-Barre Similar to the real Bar Exam, I left last week’s barre experience with a light sweat on my brow and a little bit of pain. But unlike the the real Bar Exam, I felt amazing after my first visit to Pure Barre and I will certainly be back for more!

On a very rainy Tuesday evening, I braved thunder, lightening, and soreness from a leg day less than 24 hours before to attend my very first barre class at Pure Barre Rockville. I actually missed my 6:30 class because of the crazy weather conditions, but the receptionist was happy to help me sign up for the 7:45 class later that night!

Despite the struggle to get there, everything, including the workout was simple and enjoyable (well, you know, in the hurts so good sense). My class required just some basic equipment: 2 sets of light dumbbells (I grabbed 3’s and 5’s), a stretchy band, and a mini barre ball. The ball was a mystery to me, but my inner thighs quickly came to know and hate this tiny kickball-looking thing with every squeeze!

At 7:45 on the dot, Sarah the instructor started the class off with arm and back exercises with dumbbells. The moves were simple, but still challenging since Sarah kept a pretty quick pace going and we transitioned in and out of moves with NO breaks!

After about 15 mins of arms and back moves, we turned to the barre for some serious butt action. I was a little lost with my form, but the instructor came around and made adjustments more than once during the class. (Even as a newbie, I never felt out of place!) As we did rear leg extensions (like this) that caused my glutes to shake in fear (seriously), Sarah taught me to tuck in my lower abs to decrease the arch in my back and protect it from injury. It also gave me a bonus core workout at the same time!

From the barre, we transitioned to the floor for even more butt work, but we added inner and outer thigh exercises as well (yay!)  The most challenging move for me was the Side Lying Hip Adbuction (here’s an example: ). While I’m not new to this move, Sarah gave it an added twist. After a few sets of abductions (lifting top leg up and lowering it down) we kicked our top leg forward towards our face, targeting some tiny glute muscle that I never felt before AND it put some extra resistance on the bottom leg as well. All I can say is OUCH!! We ended class with a long ab session and a lot more “tucking.” I felt every move for days!! But no pain no gain, right?? It’s my goal to look like Kim Kardashian from behind, with Janet Jackson’s abs so I think this class is my answer!!

I will definitely be back for another “barre exam” and I hope I pass with flying colors, and a cute little booty!

To find a Pure Barre location near you, visit their site at:

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  1. August 14, 2015

    Great post! I took classes at a Pure Barre for a month with a new client discount. And loved it. Its just too expensive. But if money wasn’t an issue I’d be a faithful client.

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