Taking Over the World while Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: Wellness Panel with WWPR

Things have been ramping up over here at GETFITLIKETHAT!!

Last week I had the honor to sit on a panel of health and wellness experts for the first Wellness Day event hosted by Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR)! Because the women of D.C. are one of kind, juggling 9-5’s, usually one or two side hustles, AND a social life, WWPR had the great idea to bring women together to talk about juggling it all while staying healthy.

The event was kicked off with Pilates in the Park hosted by a DC community events company, Golden Triangle. Confession: I came early only to WATCH the pilates class, because it was a HOT day in the city and I didn’t want to get sweaty and funky before talking and mingling with the crowd! (LOL) In any other situation, I would throw on some body spray and get out there!

Immediately after pilates wrapped, we set up the panel of experts which included a representative from Weight Watchers (who had lost over 130 pounds herself!), a personal trainer and fitness expert of over 20 years, a chiropractor (much needed) and ME , fitness extraordinaire! We had a great discussion about the best ways to balance healthy habits with super busy schedules taking over the world.

Here were some of my favorite pieces of advice from the night:

  • Stay active, whether you call it a workout or not. “wandering around the city” counts too!
  • Take a moment to stretch out your hips to reverse the damage from sitting at a desk all day
  • Set small goals for yourself. Holding yourself accountable will make you more likely to be accountable for someone else (i.e. your job)
  • Listen to your body! Get the rest you need, but stay active throughout the day for more quality sleep.

None of this would be possible without my amazing friends, especially Dani, who recommended me for the panel!! I’m so excited to continue working with the fearless women of WWPR!

Need panelists or speakers at your next event? Email me at getfitlikethat@gmail.com.

Until next time,

Keep it moving!





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