Tip of the day: Give your social networks a work out!

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Your social media networks can be anything from informative to hilarious, and at times, down right annoying. But have you thought about using them to give you that extra bit of motivation you need to start or stick to your health and fitness goals?

Follow the Motivation

You can give your social media accounts a workout by following people who inspire you do be better. Got a favorite celebrity trainer? Follow them! Have a friend who’s training for a race, give them a follow too! With these frequent updates from fit people and friends, you can stay in that healthy mindset you need to get fit and stay that way! If you don’t know where to start, scroll to the bottom for my favorites, and also search for hashtags like #healthy,  #fitness and #recipes on your favorite networks.

Recently, a friend of mine started a Facebook group because he was gearing up to makeover his diet and fitness regimen. It started out with a few posts about his workouts and a few friends chiming in with support or advice. It has since grown into a community of trainers and novices alike who just want motivation to get healthier! I’ve since started  a similar group with among my friends, and it’s been a great way to get a little boost just when I’m about to fall off the bandwagon. So, if you’ve got a group of friends on a similar journey as you, try out a Pinterest Board, Facebook group or an old-fashioned email chain!

Replace your Junk Mail with Healthy Mail

I’m not sure if it is the decrease in readership since everything went “online” but magazine subscriptions have become CHEEAAP! I recently renewed my old favorites, Self Magazine and Fitness Magazine, for $9 total ($3 Kindle subscription to Self and $6 mail subscription to Fitness)!!

Even with just a skim of the magazine pages, I actually feel inspired to make healthier choices. You try stuffing your face with Girl Scout cookies while staring into the six-pack of some fitness model! The guilt is very real and something you’ll want to avoid!

Of course this trick works in your electronic mail box too. Sign up for newsletters and follow bloggers who motivate you (LIKE THIS ONE!)

Fit Picks

insta logo Instagram
@mankofit – she posts workout videos all the time and they are wonderful
@sixpackguide – a mix of workout tips, motivational pictures, and recipes
@cardioworkouts – mostly quick routines you can do anywhere

twitter logoTwitter
@womenshealthmag (I also follow @menshealthmag for the killer workouts)
@HealthyLiving (Huff Po Lifestyle)

So who are you following for motivation? Leave a comment below!!

*Keep it Moving!

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