Tip of the Day: Have a Fit-Date

Oh love… It can be all-consuming and make you feel amazing–so amazing that you start to slack on other areas of your life, like the gym! If I had to choose between snuggling up with my honey or running 5 miles,  I’d choose the snuggle time, hands down! BUT THERE’S GOOD NEWS! It doesn’t have to be love OR exercise. You can keep your boo and your tight booty if you know how to mix the two. Here are some date ideas that you can do with your sugar-free sweetie pie so you don’t lose sight of your goals in your love haze!

Take a Hike (together!)– No matter where you live, you should be able to find a scenic trail that would be the perfect backdrop for your romance!  Hiking can be an easy or intense exercise, depending on where you go and how high your trail takes you.  You’ll get some memorable views, tone your tush, and there can be ample opportunities to make the man (or whomever) feel like a super-hero. Picture this: tearing down branches like Rambo, swooping in to stop a fall like Superman, or giving much needed encouragement along the way like… Robin?? You get the point.

Where to hike:hiking couple

Every Trail (used to locate trails near you)

TrailLink (Suggests trails for biking, walking, hiking, and running)

Kayaking and “Kanoodling”– A kayaking adventure is an exciting way to get closer to your carb-free love-muffin. Surprisingly, kayaking can be a full body workout. You’re obviously putting your arms to work, but your abs will also feel the burn  with all those twisting movements from the paddling. If you pick up the speed, you can get your heart pumping for a cardio workout! I also notice that my inner thighs get some work from nervously pressing my feet into the footholds inside the kayak. A less fearful person may not notice the same sensation, however. On this date, you can kayak together or opt to get individual kayaks. I recommend kayaking separately if you’re both inexperienced because you might end up going in circles (literally) and possibly annoying each other!


Another date option for kayaking is night kayaking. You can do this with a group at some locations and relax to the soothing sounds of the water and your partner’s sweet nothings under the stars.

Running in Name of Love – Going for a run with your guilt-free honey bun can be the perfect date option, as long as you don’t try to push too far outside of your comfort zone. This is not the time to sprint, or double your distance, because you’ll be too tired to enjoy the company! An asthma attack, or the release of your “cookies” has a way of killing the mood. Keep your fitness levels in mind, and ask your partner (if a faster runner) to stay at your pace.

BONUS! If you map your route in advance you could aim to finish up with a satisfying meal at an outdoor restaurant.

DOUBLE BONUS!! Ever hear of the runner’s high? Mix that up with an attractive running partner and let the sparks fly!!

What are your active date ideas? Have you gone on a “fit-date”? Please leave a comment below!

Keep it Moving!

© June 2014

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  1. Sharon J
    June 12, 2014

    Love the blog, and yes adding my “Tweety-Weety” to my walks makes it especially nice. No matter what time in the morning… if I say 5a.m. he gets up and walks with me. It’s our healthy time….Love it…he’s all mine during that time. Thanks for your blog, It’s inspiring.

  2. June 12, 2014

    What about your hair? How do you continue to look cute during a fit date? Or should I not worry about it?

    1. June 12, 2014

      I thought about adding a note about that to this post! I like to prep my hair (at any length) with a cute headband so as I sweat it out it is still nice and neat. I like to pack a small back pack with a dry shirt, body spray, a towel, and a simple hair accessory in case I look crazy afterwards. You can never be too prepared! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and please share with your friends!!

  3. June 13, 2014

    Taking a Hike (Together) sounds more my speed. Probably not up a steep hill, but around the block. It’s an opportune time to better relate to one another in a relaxed setting. I Love to run, but during my running i’m meditating and probably talking to myself out loud trying to make sense of all of the duties I have to get done before the end of the week. I’d hate to scare him away with that. Great tips.

  4. Damie
    June 13, 2014

    Great post! Running with my partner always makes running seem so much better. We run along a lake and then sit outside for a while after just talking. It’s very relaxing. 🙂

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