Tip of the Day: SWS–Shopping While Sweaty


Yesterday I ran one my favorite running routes in our Nation’s Capital, complete with monument sightings alongside a gorgeous view of the Potomac River. As I walked home, I came upon my neighborhood Safeway and decided to run in just to pick up a couple of things (which means ALL THE THINGS). What I didn’t expect was the endorphin-induced nutritionist that took over my body and steered me straight to the healthy options around the store. What spell was I under?? What sort of phenomenon had I experienced?  Oh… Just the effects of Shopping while Sweaty (SWS).

Without even thinking, SWS had me making healthy choices left and right: hmm, I think I should make salads this week… I think I’ll skip the ice cream and just add whipped cream to my fruit!  It was truly INSANE! But when I thought about it, after running six-point-two miles and topping it off with a round of burpees and some plank work, I wouldn’t DREAM of picking up the fatty foods that might ruin all my hard work! It also didn’t hurt that my skin tight workout clothes make me ultra-aware of my body. With just a quick glance at a bag of chips I could immediately feel that bulge coming back where my abs once lived!

In very little time, I’d finished my grocery trip, and I’d covered everything I wanted for my weekly meal prep. I even picked up some delicious summer fruit (strawberries and mangoes.. YUM) as a treat to myself! SWS was a huge success!!


I challenge you to take a grocery trip post-workout and feel the effects of SWS. Got a gym in the same shopping center as your market? PERFECT. Take your worn out, sparkly self in there and grab the food that won’t erase all that work you just put in! And of course, let me know how it goes!!

Sweaty Shoppers Beware:
You may be starving: If you are starving after a grueling workout, try to (1) Guzzle down some water or (2) Have a post-gym shake or snack (I will not judge you for cracking open that bag of nuts while you’re in the store, as long as you pay!). Hopefully this will save you from the symptoms of SWH (Shopping while Hungry) which doesn’t often lead to the best decisions.

Steer clear of snack and dessert aisles: you may be so high on endorphins after that awesome workout of yours that you’ll convince yourself that you deserve a treat. NO. What you DO deserve is healthy food to keep that great post-workout feeling alive!

– Love thy neighbor and avoid sudden movements: Not everyone comes to the grocery store prepared for us sweaty shoppers.  A couple of hours of a good sweat session may leave you… less-than-fresh.  Be kind to those around you when reaching for that box on the top shelf! Consider giving yourself a “space-bubble”  just in case.

Armed and Ready:

The worst grocery trips, in my experience, come from lack of preparation. I tend to spend much more than I’d like, and I end up with an array of random food, but nothing of real substance.  (Is that just me??)  To avoid this, I like to keep a running grocery list on my phone just in case I wander by a store and need to pick a few things up. I also have a few recipes ready to try out on my phone so I have some sort of game plan at the grocery store. It’s always best to get in and get out, before you are tempted!


Check out the image at the top of this page for some of the items I snagged during my SWS moment. Trust me, your inner fitness extraordinaire will come out too!!


*Keep it moving

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