Too Busy to Exercise??? Sneaky ways to get it in!!

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This week I helped a friend lead a wellness series at her company. She is leading a multi-part wellness training to cover healthy topics like: choosing a healthy lunch near the office, making your favorite dishes healthier, and how to start an exercise routine.  The topic this week was How To Incorporate Exercise into Your Routine. I was somewhat surprised to see how intrigued everyone was when we offered small tweaks to their daily routines to fit in fitness into their lives. So, of course, I had to blog about it! There are tons of ways to reach and maintain your goals no matter how hectic your days are. Keep reading to find what works for you…

Getting over the Hump & The Excuses

For many, tough work schedules, long commutes, and family responsibilities make exercise seem like a luxury they cannot afford. But, no matter how busy, how many children, how many bills, and how good the hair looks, everyone can sneak some activity into their lives.

At the Office:

  • Come in to work 15-30 minutes early and take a walk around the building. Start with one lap and build from there each week. To hold yourself accountable, team up with a co-worker, and SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ON YOUR CALENDAR.  Avoid interruptions by marking yourself as “busy” so no one from work tries to call or email you.

  • Take the stairs. I’m sure you’ve heard this tip before, but it really is a great one! Start today by walking up one flight of stairs at work two – three times a week. Each week, add another flight. Consider doing this with some coworkers right before lunch and don’t forget to mark your calendar!
  • Try some desk workouts.  Whether you have an office or a cubicle, try some strength exercises right at your desk. Try a different one for each workday:

Monday – Tricep/Chair Dips  From a seated position, slide butt off off seat and lower your hips below the seat of the chair. Keep fingers facing forward and your elbows straight back. Start with 10 reps and build up each week. (Make sure chair is stable!)

Tuesday – Calf Raises  Stand up. Get on your tippy-toes. Slowly lower your heels down to the ground. Repeat. Do as many as you can!

Wednesday – Chair Ab Workouts  Sit in chair and try one of these out!

Thursday – Wall Sit or Air Squats  Stand with your back against a wall and slide your back down the wall until your legs form a 90 degree angle. Sit there and read some emails until you can’t anymore!

Friday – Bicep Curl with Computer Bag  If you have a heavy bag nearby, hold it out in one hand with your elbow bent at a 90 degree angle. Lift the bag up by bringing your hand to meet (or almost) meet your shoulder. Lower to start and repeat as much as you can. Don’t forget the other arm!

At Home & Beyond:

  • Have Workout Dates. If you have a busy social calendar, invite your friends on an active date. Take a walk around a park, museum hop, or find a nice trail. You can still accomplish the gossip or other catching up that you need, but you’ll be BURNING CALORIES, rather than taking them in with drinks and bar food.
  • Plan Walks Before or After Each Meal.  Make it a regular thing to step outside for a 15 minute walk with your family or just yourself before or after each meal. In a week, you could have covered miles without knowing it!
  • Look up Free Workouts on your TV or Computer.  Many On Demand options have a fitness channel and you can find short or long workouts to fit your schedule right at home. You can also check out fitness channels on YouTube for more workouts where ever you are! My favorite YouTube channel is BeFit (led by my idol and fitness crush, Jillian Michaels). This channel features every type of workout you can think of, led by famous coaches and trainers to the stars.

Fit on a Budget:

If the thing holding you back is the cost of fitness, try these tips out to work in those workouts into your budget:

  • Call your local recreation center. Recreation centers usually have free or very inexpensive fees to join classes, use the pool, walk the track, or take advantage of other programs.
  • Ask your Job.  Find out if your company has a wellness program that offers discounts for gym memberships or other incentives to stay active.
  • Visit your Parks Department website.  A lot of cities are focusing more on increasing your access to physical activities in your local area. Click through your Parks Dept site to find out about FREE active events near you!

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If you have more ideas for sneaky workouts let me know!

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