Tried and [somewhat] Conquered: [solidcore]!

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A boot camp friend recently told me about this intense class called “Solidcore” that she swore was the toughest core workout she had ever tried. About a month or two after her recommendation, I finally tried it out to see what all the  hype was about. I can now report that she was absolutely right, and this workout is not just for abs, it had my glutes, thighs, and arms all shaking in every class!

solidcore doorA few weeks ago, I arrived at [solidcore] DC in the Shaw neighborhood, nervous and unsure of what to expect (the sign on the door was a clear indication). I was greeted by my coach, Ashley Rad  and she placed me smack dab in the middle of the classroom next to two of her most experienced students so I could “cheat” and copy their moves throughout the class. She introduced me to my very own megaformer (pictured below) which would be my home for pain, embarrassment, and of course, sweat. So much sweat…

After I got to know my megaformer, Ashley proceeded to introduce me to the class, who all clapped and cheered for me before we got started (now I know they were saying good luck and/or dead girl walking). Either way I was pumped and ready to start this workout!


The class started and we were immediately guided into plank holds while balancing our feet on the sliding table. We quickly took this to plank up/downs, twisting planks and some other moves that had my core screaming and body sweating within the first five minutes. Even through the pain, sweat, and/or tears (I’m not sure which liquid was which), I was immediately hooked. My crazy brain works in such a way that if there’s something (especially a workout) that kick my butt, I MUST  keep coming back until I win. I guess it’s that competitive nature of mine. I survived the abs session, and I only had one close call where I almost face planted when transitioning from one position to the next.

Then came the lower body portion of the workout. If you’ve seen me, you know I am not lacking in leg strength (or so I thought). They never let me down.. But on that Friday morning, they let me down in the worst way. Ashley told us to transition into a squat hold with one foot planted on the stationary plate, the other planted on the moving plate, using your inner and outer thighs to move the plate in and out. Sounded and looked so easy… but after about 3-5 reps, my legs tapped out. They shook like leaves in the wind and I had to step down MULTIPLE TIMES (while everyone else appeared to get through this segment with ease!). To anyone who’s taken one of my classes, they know that stopping is not an option, but muscle failure is real! The 50 minute class flew by after that. I killed the arms session, all the while dreading the final squat session that Ashley promised us. Again, I tapped out long before my classmates. I’m going to chop it up to a combination of fear, lack of balance and a tiny bit of weak legs.

But even through all the near falls, stopping, and screams of pain (from myself and others), Ashley was a rock star. She came by (pretty frequently) to make adjustments to my form and personally cheer me and others in the class on by name! People never remember my name right away! Although I may have looked like a failure, I never felt like one, as I was rewarded with high fives, and good job(s) at the end of class.

And so… that’s the story of how I tried and [somewhat] conquered [Solidcore]. Defeated, drained and hell of sore, I only wanted MORE! I now have four classes under my belt and my balance has improved tenfold. My transitions between moves are much better but I still need  a lot more practice. Oh and about those abs… this class works for sure! I always leave with abs a glowin, and glutes-a-lifted (I really want to keep this theme a-going). I’m currently contemplating taking enough classes to start training as an instructor, because when something challenges me, I want to challenge others to overcome it as well! But we shall see about that!

Stay tuned my fit friends and if you’re in the DC area (there are also studios in Minneapolis), try out a class! I highly recommend the class as long as you are ready to challenge your muscles in a whole new way! I apologize in advance for your imminent addiction.

Until next time, keep it moving!

– Sharita J

© July 2015

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