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#TryItTuesday: 305 Fitness Dance Workout

When my friends ask me about my workout experience the newest D.C. studio, 305 Fitness, I can only describe it as a “hype-dance-fitness” class. Hype because of the Richard Simmons level energy my coach had the ENTIRE time. Dance, because obviously, there’s lots of dancing involved, but not the scary 5-6-7-8 kind of dance. Then, fitness because this is definitely a workout, complete with weights and in my experience, even burpees! I have to say I had a ball at my first class with 305 Fitness, and at various points of the dance workout I channeled my inner Beyonce (duh), Janet, and a bit of Ru Paul for some vogue moves!

305 Fitness is not new to D.C. They used to hold classes at Body Smith Gym before finally opening up this gorgeous space of their own, just a few blocks north on 14th street in Northwest D.C. As is the case with most new studios in the city, I waited for a free or discounted class to try it out (I’m not made of money people!). I was lucky to score a free class during the opening weekend, but it would definitely be worth purchasing a class pack or dropping in on a class!

The Studio

When it comes to studio decor and even staff decor, 305 exceeded all my expectations. When I walked in, I was greeted by a lovely woman in a neon pink wig, who asked for my first name, and showed me around the space. The lobby is kind of tight, and it doubles as the locker room and changing area, but it served its purpose(s). I got my belongings secured in my electronic locker, and the receptionist told me to bring my phone inside so I could take selfies! (She obviously knew the key to my heart.) After talking myself out of asking to borrow her pink wig before my first dance workout, I stepped into the studio space.

My first thought when I opened the door to the studio was that I had walked into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory dipped in neon lights. The studio was spacious and full of women who got the wear-something-bright-so-you-glow-in-the-dark memo that I somehow missed. My class had at least 20-30 women easily, but we all fit comfortably in the space. Our instructor Torri ran in, personally greeted just about everyone and hopped to the front of the room to start class.

The Workout

After a brief introduction to Coach Torri (@Torrtorfy) and DJ Mark (@MarkPieMan) (yes, there is a permanent DJ booth and every class has a live DJ!) we jumped right into a dance-based warm up, complete with hair flips and body rolls to get the party started. At first, I remember thinking, oh I got this. I was a grapevine queen and I could not be stopped. But there were moments when the pace picked up and the moves got a bit more complex, when I found myself facing the front when everyone else was turned around, or I was still dropping it low when it was obviously time for 360 turns. (Pro Tip: don’t stand near any poles or any walls. The class gets turned around so you could be right in the front at any moment or that pole could easily block you from seeing the instructor for a bit.)

For the most part, though, I felt very comfortable with the dance workout moves and I was definitely working up a serious sweat, since we shimmied and jumped, and twerked for a full 30 minutes with no breaks. My favorite part, of course, was the strength segment. We spent about 5 minutes with pulsing moves to focus on our shoulders and biceps and I definitely felt it the next day. This portion was followed by the ‘hip hop” segment during which our hands hit the floor and our booties hit the sky, just like some of my favorite college parties (ah memories).Ready for the strength portion of my first 305 fitness class. shown are dumbbells used

Next, Coach Torri rounded out our class with a finisher round where we split up into 4 teams and did 3 rounds of burpees, mountain climbers, quick feet, and squats, moving from one corner of the room to the next after each move was complete. By the end, (partially thanks to my workout earlier that morning), my legs were burning and my glutes were shaking. So I was so very grateful for the built-in cool down and stretch segment at the end of class, which helped kick the soreness a bit.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of exercises that were packed into this 50 minute dance workout class. And even with the 4 segments, nothing felt rushed. I was sweaty, sore, and satisfied! I will definitely be dragging my friends to try out a class with me soon, which will give me more time to work on my shimmies.

Sharita GetFitLikeThat Dance Gif 305 Fitness

I hope you get a chance to check out a 305 Fitness dance workout for yourself! If you do, be sure to let them Sharita @GetFitLikeThat sent you! Be sure to check out @GetFitLikeThat on Instagram for more of my #TryItTuesday adventures!

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