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#TryItTuesdays: NuBoxx Fitness

I must begin this post with a disclaimer: Do NOT try to take back-to-back boxing classes when you’ve been out of the game for multiple weeks! I just do things to the extreme, and it’s highly recommended that you ease back into your workout regimen if you’ve been M.I.A. That being said, this post is about trying and surviving my first Technical Boxing class,  with NuBoxx fitness,  the latest addition to Washington D.C.’s ginormous fitness scene.

NuBoxx Boxing Class
Photo by @Nuboxx on Instagram

Billy Blanks started my love affair with kickboxing back in the late 90s, so every chance to throw a couple of punches takes me back to memories of popping in my Tae Bo VHS and jumping and sweating all over my living room. But even after countless Tae Bo workouts, and some boxing classes here and there, I still consider myself a novice when it comes to boxing. Enter NuBoxx Fitness and their “technical boxing” class, which introduces the less savvy students like myself to simple punch combinations with a lot of fundamentals and instruction during the hour long class.

My first “technical boxing” experience was the second of two classes I tried out in one day (I started with a strength conditioning class that left my arms feeling like Jello for days after). Technical Boxing is the class that NuBoxx coaches recommend everyone begin with so that you can learn basic punches and footwork (note: I have 0 footwork skills). So I was surprised to find a class full of seasoned class-goers and newbies like myself.

Our instructor, Coach Minuen, led our packed class of 12 through a quick warm up, complete with a few laps around the studio space.  Then Coach walked us through the proper footwork, how to move into our punches, and how to pivot around while maintaining the proper stance to stick with our imaginary opponent. This was all new to me, but I eventually understood how these little two-step moves would work if I were to ever go inside a ring.

Once we got the basics out of the way, Coach divided class in half, with one group on the bags, and the other group in the open space for shadow boxing (eek!). For someone who had never shadow boxed in her life, I was immediately out of my element when the interval timer went off. I spent a minute trying to copy my more experienced classmates, but fortunately Coach Minuen joined me to correct my footwork and stand in as my “opponent,” since apparently the shadow thing was lost on me. As  the timer counted on, I’d like to think I looked a little less awkward, but nevertheless, I noticed my calves and thighs were on fire, and my heart was racing, so something was definitely working.

Get Fit Like That class review NuBoxx Fitness
Interior photo by The Washingtonian

As we alternated between the bags and shadow boxing, our Coach moved around the room to give every student a bit of direction, or come by with the mitts to work on punches and movement. My little baby punches definitely need some work, but I felt like a bad ass when I finally got that good “smack” on the mitts when I actually landed a punch. The beginners only worked on jabs and cross punches (or “bricks”), while the others worked on hooks and upper cuts as well.

In just an hour, I picked up quite a few new skills (still very much a novice though), and I’m looking forward to returning, mostly so I no longer feel awkward during shadow boxing rounds, but also to keep working on footwork and landing some powerful punches. I wasn’t wearing a fitness tracker, but I’d guess that I burned about 8 million calories, judging by my soaked clothes and the three water bottles I guzzled down after class.

This will absolutely be my first of many visits to NuBoxx Fitness and I hope you’ll join me for a class!


What new workout are you looking forward to trying for #TryItTuesday?

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Until next time, Keep it Moving!




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