Workout Wednesday: Flex that mouse (or thumb) and check out the new site!

Hey friends!!

Today is a very special #WorkoutWednesday because the GETFITLIKETHAT site has had a complete makeover!!! Thanks to the genius over at AMWSiteDesigns, there’s a lot more to see on the site, including your favorite blog posts and workouts! Click around the site on your own or watch the preview video below!

What’s New:

  • Customized Fitness Plans: Don’t know where to start? Contact me for your personal plan to follow along and stay on track!
  • Group Fitness Solutions: In the DMV area and want classes or fitness events at your job or residence? Look not further thank GETFITLIKETHAT!
  • Class Schedule: If you’re in DC, check out all my classes and sign up directly through the site!
  • Shop: Grab your #GETFITLIKETHAT tank or tee to join the movement and look out for new designs soon!
  • Blog: Yup, I’m still blogging about health and fitness, so make sure you sign up so that you don’t miss a beat!




So for today’s #WorkoutWednesday, browse around the site and find your favorite workout! Or if you need help planning one of your own, contact me at! While a lot has changed, GETFITLIKETHAT still has the same mission: spreading a passion for health and fitness!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the new look!


Until next time,

Keep it moving!





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