Workout Wednesday: Sliiide into Shape!

glidersOne of my favorite pieces of gym equipment is Gliders. You’ve probably seen them in your gym’s exercise studio or maybe you’ve used them in a class. I love these little things just because they are so simple to use,and you can take a lot of your favorite exercises to a new level: mountain climbers, lunges and push-ups to name a few.

For today’s #WorkoutWednesday I’ve chosen a few of my favorite moves to do with gliders. One is excellent for your inner thighs and quads, one is great for an all-over leg shaper, and the other is a challenging ab move that will set your shoulders, back and abs on fire (in the best way of course).

You can do these moves together as fun workout, work them into your existing routines, or just one of them when you’re bored at home. Don’t have gliders? No worries! All you need is a smooth surface, and you can use your socks, some towels, or even paper plates!

Side Lunge on Glider - Side Lunges (inner thighs, quads)

For the first move, start in a standing position with the right foot on a glider (or other slippery substitute). Begin to slide the right foot out to the side, while sitting back into a squat. To come back to standing position, focus on using your right inner thigh to pull the foot back to its starting position. Repeat this move for 30 seconds and try to go as slowly as possible. Don’t forget about your left leg, of course!




Lunge on Glider - Rear Lunge (hamstrings, quads, glutes)

For the next move, simply take the same motion but lunge the right foot straight back. This change in motion will focus the work in the right glutes and hamstrings (back of the thigh), while working the quadriceps (front of the thigh) on the base leg. You can take this move slowly, but if you want, you can speed this one up while moving your arms in a running-like manner if you want to pick up your heart rate! This is move is great for its versatility.




Pike Crunch on Glider - 3 Pike Crunch (abs, shoulders, back)

Ok. so this move really doesn’t belong here. How did we go from leg killers to our abs? Look, no one is perfect, and sometimes I like to do whatever I feel like in the gym! So just because I had a glider and I love this move so much, here we go! For a pike crunch, you can use one or two gliders (one for both feet, or one per foot). You start out in a plank position, holding core tight and making sure hips are not dropped, nor held up too high. Keeping the legs as straight as possible, bring the feet forward towards your hands using only your abs. This will cause our hips to move all the way up towards the ceiling at the top of this move. Then, slowly move feet back to their starting position and hold the plank. Repeat and enjoy!!


What other moves have you tried on the gliders? What do you use instead of gliders?

Leave a comment below!

Until next time, keep sliding… I mean moving!



Copyright September 2015




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